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Excel: Worksheets and Workbooks

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What is the difference between a workbook and a worksheet? Why would you want to use separate worksheets when using Excel? Please give 2 general examples. Please research and find the method for creating an Excel formula that references information on the first worksheet from a second worksheet. Can you think of a specific personal or business application that would require only one worksheet? Please explain this application.

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An Excel workbook can contain one worksheet or thousands depending on the application. A worksheet is just a single page within a workbook.

Separate worksheets are common in Excel. One use of worksheets within a workbook could be breaking down a business in four quarters for handling finances through a fiscal year. Another example could ...

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This solution explains some of the differences between a worksheet and a workbook in Excel, why one would want to use different worksheets when using Excel and provides examples the illustrate the answer. Additionally, the solution explains several Excel functions.