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    VB.NET to Excel

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    If ount = 0 Then
    MsgBox "No files were returned."
    MsgBox "The list is complete. " & Chr(13) & Chr (10) &
    "Found " & FileCount & "files" & Chr (13) 7 Chr(10) &_
    "Occupying" & Int(SumDiskSpace / 100000) / 10 & "MB"
    End If

    If FileCount result is 50, then I would want that sum to appear in cell A5 on an Excel spread sheet. Can someone help me with the code to do this? Attached is an excerpt from the project I am working on.

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    The first step is to create a reference in our project to Microsoft Excel 11.0 Objects Library (COM reference).

    If exc Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox("ERROR: EXCEL couldn't be started")
    End ...

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    The solution provides an example of the VB.Net code to Excel.