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Calculation of area of a circle using VB.NET

Your employer has requested the development of a software application to calculate the area of a circle. The application must accept only one value (i.e., the radius), and it must display the result in decimal value.

Area = p * r2

Remember p is equal to 3.14.

First install VB.NET.
Create a new solution named MichaelWhitaker_Unit01.
The form will contain a minimum of two text box control instances.
One text box will be used to input the value to be converted, and the second text box will be used to display the results from the calculation.
Text boxes, when used to display results, must be read-only.
Assign the Calculate button to the form's AcceptButton property.
Create a Clear button that will clear both text boxes.
Create an Exit button.
Use labels to identify each text box used in the form.
Make sure the application accepts and calculates decimal values.

Need in VB.NET 2008 not c++

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This solution deals with the calculation of area of a circle. This application accepts the value of radius of a circle. This application is created using VB.NET.