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Visual Basic 2008 Geometric Calculation

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You have been hired by an engineering company to develop software to perform advanced geometric calculation. Your new boss asked you to develop an application that allows engineers to calculate the surface area and the volume of a sphere. For this, you will need to use the following formulas.

Surface Area = 4 * p * r2
Volume = 4/3 * p * r3

Remember p is equal to 3.14.

Allow the user to enter one value in the application (i.e., the radius value).
Use NumericUpdown controls to allow the user to enter the values.
Display the result in a text box and set it as read-only.
Make the Calculate button the Accept button.
Create a Clear button to clear the result text box and reset both NumericUpdown controls.
Create an Exit button.
Use labels to identify the input and output controls.
Create a radio button group that will allow the user to choose which calculation to perform in the application (surface area or volume).
Use a group box to enclose the radio buttons.
Use labels to identify the output control and change the label text value according to the radio button selected.

Create a new solution named MichaelWhitaker_Unit02

Need in VB.NET 2008 not c++

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Solution Summary

This solution deals with the calculation of surface area and volume of a sphere. There are several graphical controls used in the application including text box, radio buttons etc.

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