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    Visual Basic

    Visual Basic was developed by Microsoft in the early 1990s to provide an easy-to-learn event-driven programming language that could take care of the back-end maneuvering necessary to create programs that  would run on any Windows system. Derived from BASIC and similarly geared toward rapid application development and GUI construction, Visual Basic (VB) also offers easy database manipulation using data access/remove objects and activeX data objects and controls. It also includes a scripting language that is a subset of the entire VB, called VBScript.

    Alan Cooper of Tripod initially designed what would become VB's drag and drop interface before it became a Microsoft project

    The VB program itself supplies components which programmers can then arrange visually on the screen before them and tweak using form controls to construct their application, sometimes faster (and cheaper) than in more comprehensive languages like C. Using external function declarations, VB programs may also access the extensive Windows API, or utilize the many third party controls made available by other companies to even further extend the program's capabilities.

    In 2005, Microsoft released Visual Basic .NET 1.0 as the newest upgrade to VB. As a large redesign aiming to cover VB's many perceived weaknesses next to older and more low-level languages like C and even Java by that time, VB.NET sacrificed much of its philosophy of being 'beginner-ready' for functionality. However, the result of the new, steeper learning was a vastly improved language capable of almost anything its C#.NET equivalent is. Now the choice of which language to use is more programmer preference than anything else.

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    Sales order calculator in Visual Basic

    The application should calculate and display the order amounts and the grand total in Label control as shown in the attached image. The clear button must clear all text boxes and calculated labels. The exit button must close the window. Input validation: Make sure the number of units for each package is numeric, and is not neg

    SQL script to sort numbers across columns

    a user can add column to the table ,where the program sort them and display them sorted ,with sort i mean by row not order by; order by is easy but sorting rows is harder,the difficultly comes with the fact that the user can add colums where the program should do the sort and display them in gridview. attach document which d

    VB.NET Math Multiplication Practice Program

    You have been hired to develop a Windows application to help 3rd graders practice and learn their times tables. The application must be easy to use since it is designed for children. The application has the following requirements.  The program will randomly present problems for the users to solve. There are two modes. In the

    VB Program to calculate energy costs

    I am working on a program that I want to use for a simple home energy data information system. I am stuck at trying to figure out how add an inputbox to the washing machine selection that is in my listbox. I would like to add an inputbox that allows, (only if the user selects the washing machine) the user to add the amount of wa

    Programming in Visual Basic

    Create a calculator application. The user interface should consist of buttons for the digits 0 through 9, a button for each arithmetic operator, a Clear button and two label boxes to display the results. One label box should hold the current number and be located at the top of the form. The other label box should be located t

    Create a Visual Basic Application

    The user should be able to do the following: Scroll through the data records, showing all the fields. Add a new parts record, delete an existing parts record, and update an existing parts record. Create a sequential file with the inventory data. Display the number of active and discontinued inventory parts. Program Requir

    Computer Programming Timezones Assignment

    Please help with this programming assignment. The programs will be written using the Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition IDE (Integrated Development Environment). User Requirements: There are four major time zones in the continental United States: Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific. Create a VB program that allow

    User Input and Output Strings

    User Requirements: Use VB to develop an application that will allow the user to input a character string, and produce the following result: Output the string rotated to the right by a user-defined number of characters (0 or more). For example, "Hello world!" rotated by 2 characters would be: "d!Hello worl". Output the strin

    Visual Basic (Company Logo Designer Application)

    See the attachments. (Company Logo Designer Application) Develop a Company Logo application that allows users to design a company logo (Fig. 26.29). The application should provide the userwith RadioButtons to allow the selection of the next shape to draw. TextBoxes should be provided to allow the user to enter the dimensions

    Enhanced Miles Per Gallon Application

    (Exercise 13.13) to use exception handling to process the FormatExcepti ons that occur when converting the Stri ngs in the TextBoxes to Doubl es (Fig. 25.16). The original application allowed the user to input the number of miles driven and the number of gallons used for a tank of gas to determine the number of miles the user wa

    Birthday Saver Application

    Create an application that stores people's names and birthdays in a file (Fig. 23.40). The user creates a file and inputs each person's first name, lastname and birthday on the Form. The information is then written to the file. a) Copying the template to your working directory. Copy the directory C: ExamplesTutorial23Exercise

    Visual Basic: Supply Cost Calculator Application

    Write an application that calculates the cost of all the supplies added to the user's shopping list (Fig. 22.18). The application should contain two Li stBoxes. The first contains all the supplies offered and their respective prices. Users should be able to select the desired supplies from the first Li stBox and add them to the

    Visual Basic (Inventory Application with Keyboard Events)

    See the attached file. 21 .1 1 (Inventory Application with Keyboard Events) Enhance the Inventory application that you developed in Tutorial 4 to prevent the user from entering input that is not a number. Use keyboard events to allow the user to press the number keys, the left and right arrows and the Backspace keys. If any o

    Visual Basic (Triangle Application)

    (Triangle Creator Application) Create an application that allows the user to enter the lengths for the three sides of a triangle as Integers. The application should then determine whether the triangle is a right triangle (two sides of the triangle form a 90-degree angle), an equilateral triangle (all sides of equal length) or ne

    Sales Commission Application

    See the attached file. (Sales Commission Calculator Application) Develop an application that calculates a salesperson's commission from the number of items sold. Assume that all items have a fixed price of $10 per unit. Use a Select Case statement to implement the following sales commission schedule: Fewer than 10 item

    Visual Basic - Dental Payment Application

    8.1 1 (Enhanced Dental Payment Application) Modify the Dental Payment application from this tutorial to include additional services. Add the proper func- tionality (using If... Then statements) to determine whether any of the new CheckBoxes are selected, and, if so, add the price of the service to the total bill. Display an e

    Creating a sample encryption code

    (Simple Encryption Application) This application uses a simple technique to encrypt a number. Encryption is the process of modifying data so that only those intended to receive the data can undo the changes and view the original data. The user enters the data to be encrypted via a TextBox. The application then multiplies the num

    Visual Basic Programming. Calculation of average of integers entered by user.

    (Average Calculator Application) Write an application that takes three numbers as input in TextBoxes, stores the three integers in variables, then calculates and displays the average of the numbers. The output is displayed in a Label. Figure 3.33 shows the completed application. Fig. 3.33. Result of Average Calculator applica

    Visual Basic (VB.NET) code that accepts a grade (Double type) via inputbox until

    I have to do a vb application that accepts grade input double type) via an input box and loop until a string ("END") is entered. The entries cannot be less than 0 or above 100. I also must calculate highest and lowest score, average score and % above average. I'm stuck at the loop as I'm not certain how to allow double type an

    Create checking account balance code in Visual Basic

    Using Visual Basic 2010 Create a checking account balance code. Form: Include radio buttons to indicate the type of transaction: deposit, check, or service charge. A text box will allow the user to enter the amount of the transaction.Display the new balance in a ReadOnly text box or a label. Calculate the balance by addi

    Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Modelers - excel software 2

    Please refer to attached PDF documents for original questions. 2. Create a user form that contains the usual OK and Cancel buttons. It also should contain two sets of option buttons, each set placed inside a frame. The captions on the first set should be Baseball, Basketball, and Football. The captions on the second set shou

    Visual Basic Program to Calculate Two Values

    Write a program to calculate the sum of two values. You must use an interface similar to that shown in the image below. http://i42.tinypic.com/2wgd7iw.png Include your program code in a zipped file (*. Zip) with all components hide problem

    vb.net project with conversions I chose radio buttons but having trouble

    I have created GUI but having trouble with coverting more than 1 currency with radio buttons, please help #1 Write the program in VB.NET (not Web based) with a graphical user interface. Have the user input the amount in one currency and calculate the equivalent amount in all other currencies. Assume the following currenci

    Write a Visual Basic 2010 program to analyze a mortgage.

    Write a Visual Basic 2010 program to analyze a mortgage. The user should enter the amount of the loan, the annual rate of interest, and the duration of the loan in months. When the user clicks on the button, the information that was entered should be checked to make sure that it is reasonable. If bad data have been supplied, the

    Math tutor program in VB.Net

    Create a math tutor program in VB.Net. Randomly create addition, multiplication, subtraction and division questions like: Addition 14 11 --- Have the user enter an answer. Let them know if they answered the question correctly. Create random numbers for the questions. You can group the questions in groups of ten or so,

    VB.NET Morgtage Calculator Program

    Write a program in VB.Net (not Web based) with a graphical user interface. Have the user input the amount of the mortgage and then select from a menu of following mortgage loans: - 7 years at 5.35% - 15 years at 5.5% - 30 years at 5.75% Use an array for the different loans. Display the mortgage payment amount. Then, lis

    Creating a Basic VB Web Application

    Create a Visual Studio 2008 ASP. NET Web Site with two Web Forms. The name of your Web site should be based on your last name. For example, if your last name is Jones, then assign the name Jones_IP2. The first Web Form contains one Label server control, two TextBox server controls, and two Button server controls with the Text