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    Computer Programming Timezones Assignment using Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition IDE

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    Please help with this programming assignment.

    The programs will be written using the Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

    User Requirements:
    There are four major time zones in the continental United States: Eastern, Central, Mountain, and Pacific. Create a VB program that allows the user to enter the time for any one of the four time zones and the other three time zones will automatically be updated to display the correct time. User should also select A.M or P.M. Your program should work for all four time zones. Use hours:minutes format for times. Do not include seconds.

    Program Requirements:
    You must center all forms on the screen.
    You must use text boxes for on-screen input and output.
    You must use labels to make the application understandable
    You must use option buttons or checkboxes to indicate a.m. or p.m.
    You must validate the user input and display a message if input is not valid
    You must use at least one user-defined FUNCTION and one user-defined SUB procedure.
    You must have an "About"dialog box with information about yourself.
    Place an Image Control on one of your forms so that when the user enters a specific time zone, a certain picture will appear on the form which corresponds to that time zone. It is fine to use clipart, pictures from the Web, or your own drawings or photos.
    You need to provide a way to exit the program gracefully.

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    You must enter time in hour:minute format like 10:40 then must check AM or PM. ...

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