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    Sales order calculator in Visual Basic

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    The application should calculate and display the order amounts and the grand total in Label control as shown in the attached image. The clear button must clear all text boxes and calculated labels. The exit button must close the window.
    Input validation: Make sure the number of units for each package is numeric, and is not negative.
    Use the following test data in the attached image to determine if the application is calculation properly.

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    Creating a new Project
    If you are using Visual Basic 6 or .Net IDE (Development Environment), then run the solution and create a new project.

    1. Run Start -> Browse to your Visual Basic (VB) Editor
    2. In Visual Basic -> File Menu -> New Project -> select Visual Basic in Project Type -> Select Windows Forms Application ...

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    The solutions provides a very easy to understand code to create a simple sales order calculator. It also describes the steps to get you started with creating a new project either in VB6 or in .NET IDE. The solution is highly recommended for beginners learning to program in VB.