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    Programming in visual basic

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    Create a calculator application.

    The user interface should consist of buttons for the digits 0 through 9, a button for each arithmetic operator, a Clear button and two label boxes to display the results. One label box should hold the current number and be located at the top of the form. The other label box should be located to the right of the calculator buttons. As you click each numeric button, the number is appended to the current number that appears in the label at the top of the form. When you click an arithmetic operator button, the current number and the operator should be appended to the display in the label at the right of the form on a new line, followed by the result of the calculation on a new line, and the contents of the current number label box should be cleared.

    The application must have a menu system that allows the user to change the font and color of the label boxes, show the "About" dialog box, and gracefully exit the application.

    Program Requirements
    You must center the form on the screen.
    You must use label boxes for on-screen output.
    You must use labels to make the application understandable
    You must catch any arithmetic exceptions that occur during calculations and display an error message
    You must use at least one user-defined FUNCTION and one user-defined SUB procedure.
    You must have an "About"dialog box with information about yourself.
    You must provide a graceful exit on the menu.

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