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Visual Basic

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Take a look at this product by doing some research on the Web. Visit the Microsoft Web site at http://msdn.microsoft.com/vbasic/. When might a programmer use Visual Basic? How does Visual Basic compare with other programming languages such as FORTRAN, Java, and Perl? What types of support and tools are available with Visual Basic? Summarize your research, and be sure to respond to each of the questions.

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Visual Basic is the most widely used software for Windows. It is used in numerous different types of programming environments, which many other popular languages cannot be used. It is used in the industry to write small desktop applications by individuals to huge client server systems. The multiplicity of features, flexibilities of forms, and simple, user-friendly graphical interface makes it an ideal equipment for writing and working in virtually all type of industry situations. It is used to create reusable, server-based business objects. Many Active-X controls used within applications and Web pages are also built ...

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