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Sales Commission Application

See the attached file.

(Sales Commission Calculator Application) Develop an application that calculates
a salesperson's commission from the number of items sold. Assume that all items
have a fixed price of $10 per unit. Use a Select Case statement to implement the following
sales commission schedule:

Fewer than 10 items sold = 1% commission
Between 10 and 40 items sold = 2% commission
Between 41 and 100 items sold = 4% commission
More than 100 items sold = 8% commission

a) Copying the template to your working directory. Copy the directory C: Exampl es
Tutori al 12Exerci sesSal esCommi ssi onCal cul ator to your C: Si mpl yVB2008

b) Opening the application's template file. Double click Sal esCommi ssi onCal cul a-
tor. sl n in the Sal esCommi ssi onCal cul ator directory to open the application.

c) Defining an event handler for the Button's Click event. Create an event handler for
the Calculate Button's Cl i ck event.

d) Displaying the salesperson's gross sales. In your new event handler, multiply the
number of items that the salesperson has sold by 10, and display the resulting gross
sales as a monetary amount.

e) Calculating the salesperson's commission percentage. Use a Sel ect Case statement
to compute the salesperson's commission percentage from the number of items sold.
The rate that is selected is applied to all the items the salesperson sold.

f) Displaying the salesperson's earnings. Multiply the salesperson's gross sales by the
commission percentage determined in the preceding step to calculate the salesper-
son's earnings. Remember to divide by 100 to obtain the percentage.

g) Running the application. Select Debug > Start Debugging to run your application.
Enter a value for the number of items sold and click the Calculate Button. Verify
that the gross sales displayed is correct, that the percentage of commission is correct
and that the earnings displayed is correct based on the commission assigned.

h) Closing the application. Close your running application by clicking its close box.

i) Closing the IDE. Close the Visual Basic IDE by clicking its close box.


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