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Create a Visual Basic Application

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The user should be able to do the following:

Scroll through the data records, showing all the fields.
Add a new parts record, delete an existing parts record, and update an existing parts record.
Create a sequential file with the inventory data.
Display the number of active and discontinued inventory parts.
Program Requirements
You must center the form on the screen.
In addition to the database fields, for each part in the inventory you must calculate and display
the gross profit (sales price - cost)
the total cost value of the part in the inventory (cost * quantity)
the total sales value of the part (sales price * quantity)
in 3 unbound control instances. These values should be updated when the current record changes.
Create a button and corresponding click event handler that will display a message box containing the number of discontinued inventory parts, and the number of inventory parts that are not discontinued.
You must use labels to make the application understandable.
You must catch any arithmetic exceptions that occur during calculations and display an error message
You must use at least one user-defined FUNCTION and one SUB procedure.
You need to provide a way to exit the program gracefully

Field Name Description DatA TYPE
Fld Part number Unique identification Number Integer
FldPart Description Description of part String
FldCost Cost of part Single
FldSalePrice Sale price of part Single
FldQuantityOnHand Number of items in inventory Single
FldDiscontinued True if the item is discontinued Boolen.

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The solution assists with creating a visual basic application.

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To add a product click Add button. Then it changes to update button. Fill in the product fields then click Update button. If there is wrong field ...

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