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    Visual Basic

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    Calculating Sequential Access Files in Visual Basic.Net

    In my application I've created a sequential access file or often call a text file in Visual Basic.Net. I am wondering how can I code the program to calculate the average of all the data from the sequential access file? Example: Let say my money program ask me to enter the amount (one at a time) of all the things I bought toda

    Data Validations for Visual Basic.net

    I need help on how to validate these data in visual basic.net: 1. the password must not be same as employee ID and must contain 4-6 characters 2. email must ba a valid one 3. name and address fields cannot be left blank 4. maxium score must be postive number between 1 and 100 5. number of students must be posti

    Please answer the following

    You have just been hired as the testing guru for the CatchAllBugs.com Company. Your first task is to write a set of test cases to debug a small VB program. Unfortunately, you do not have access to the code of the program. All you have is the following description. The program takes in three numbers as input and prints out on

    application that either sums or averages

    Create an application that either sums or averages the rows or columns of a two-dimensional array depending on user choices. Use the following data for the array: 5 7 3 9 12 4 8 9 13 4 0 -1 -7 13 8 4 4 4 4 0 Create a menu bar with a File menu that includes a Perform Action command and an Exit command. The Perform Ac

    Please create this application using visual basic .net

    Design and develop a program that validates the value a user enters into a TextBox control to ensure that the entry is a valid telephone number. The application should accept a maximum of 12 characters. When the user clicks a button, the program should determine if the entry is of the form 999-999-9999, where the character 9 rep

    Questions about database requirements

    Name two key points that data requirements must address and why? What might be some of the strategies used to define database requirements/ needs? How might data be managed to support a function (billing, human resources, accounting, finance, sales/marketing, training) ?

    VIsual Basic

    1 page double space research on how Visual Basic is being used in industry today in computer field.

    Creating an Addition Tutor in Visual Basic

    In Visual Basic the form needs to contain one command button that should present a new addition problem and one should allow the user to quit. There should be a text box to present the question and accept the answer and another to tell the user whether her answer was correct. End program with the quit button. After that is worki

    Your First Visual Basic Program

    Practice defining variables and writing assignment statements. For each problem, write the VB statements to accomplish the specified task.