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Create an application using visual basic.net that convert liters into pints and gallons

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Create a user interface.

Include a Reset button, which will clear the interface controls.

Center form on the screen.

Create a button that the user will click to complete the conversion.

Provide an appropriate title for the application window.

Create necessary labels for all fields.

Display the pint and gallon conversions in TextBox controls that cannot be edited.

Include comments in the application

Write code to complete the conversion.

The file should be a zip of all the files .

More info:

Note the conversion is from wet liters to wet pints and from wet liters to wet gallons.

Textbox1: liters, for input

Textbox2: pints, read only for output

Textbox3: gallons, read only for output

Labels for the above textboxes

Compute button: btnCompute

Reset button: btnReset

Code the following methods: btnCompute_Click() and btnReset_Click()

also build exe file.

make file (zipped)

Thank you.

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