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    Fine Arts

    Fine art is a distinct form of artistic expression which is measured by aesthetic value. It is critical to understand that fine arts and applied arts are not synonymous topics, although both subjects are considered to be an “art”.¹

    Applied arts is a subject in which the application of artistic design is used for creating physical entities such as a decorative lamp or plate.  Conversely, fine arts is a form of artistic expression which is not based on practicality and is more intellectual in nature.¹

    In terms of its origin as a subject, fine arts can be dated back to the seventeenth century. When fine arts first emerged as an independent area of specialization, it was rather narrow in terms of the type of work which it included.¹

    However, over time, fine arts has expanded as a subject and has increased the range of categories which fall beneath it.¹



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    Art Criticism

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    The process of observing a piece of art and formulating careful judgments regarding its qualitative features.

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