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Computer design of monograms: overlapping initials designs

There will be 3 monogram designs required to be done. they all will be 19cm x 19cm. Look at .pdf attachment to see examples of acceptable monograms. Please use commonly known fonts used in daily life, not any other.


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It helps to do this if you have a program such as Adobe Pagemaker or another similar graphics program (Photoshop) to work with, but it can be done even with MS Word (version 2003 is the one I have). The attached examples on all the pages were all done using MS Word. I enlarged the font size to 72 to make it easier to manipulate, but you can size them bigger (just type in a bigger font number than 72 picas) or smaller to fit your specified 19 cm x 19 cm size. To create these, choose two letters that you can overlap. I chose M and F. The first example I did in Stencil, and that may not qualify as a common, ordinary, everyday font. The second one uses Times New Roman, ...

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Instructions and ideas for creating an overlapped monogram using standard fonts and MS Word word-processing program, with attached examples of several types.