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    Computer drawing explained in art terms

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    Create a drawing using the computer and any program or software that is available to you. Your drawing does not have to be representational, but you should use at least three of the tools available in the drawing program such as brush, pencil, shape and line, and spray. Create a piece that follows the principles of good design. You will be rated on the tools used, overall design, and the expression of the work.

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    I recommend that you choose to create a piece using Paint, because it is universally available from Microsoft, and is user-friendly.

    This example piece uses the tools line, spray, brush and pencil.

    It has foreground, middle and background areas, uses or creates depth with layering, or overlapping, and also atmospheric perspective. Atmospheric perspective means that mountains closer to the viewer are darker and of warmer hue than mountains which appear to be ...

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    A sample representational computer-designed artwork using Microsoft Paint program, explained using elements and principles of art.