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Egyptian Art overview

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Details: For this assignment, you will create an Egyptian style art piece (this can be a drawing or software based rendering) and answer the following questions:
? For who was the artwork created?
? What was its value in the culture?

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First, we need to define what "Egyptian Art' we are discussing. I would define this as ......

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First, we need to define what "Egyptian Art' we are discussing. I would define this as 'ancient Egyptian' art, because everything that came after it is not "Egyptian" (uinless you are talking about modern Egyptian art). Art under the Ptolemies and the Romans was mainly Greek art with some Egyptian influences. Art after that was Muslim art, heavily influenced by the Arabs. So, once we have established that we can continue.

Second, you must understand what the ancient Egyptian style of art is. I cannot teach this to you. This would be a whole course in itself, probably ...

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