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Trade between Egypt and Knossos

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Discuss the impact of trade between Egypt and Knossos. How did this trade affect the art of the Aegean? Use examples to support your essay

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This solution, with an update for further content, cites three Web-based references and uses a quote from one to discuss the influence upon and differences between Egyptian art and Minoan art that came about as a result of trade between the two countries.

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The following Web site, while not particularly scholarly, does offer some interesting views on Ancient Knossos/Minoan trade with Egypt. It is found at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~lind/history/crete/destructioninvading.htm and also information is found at the following good site: http://www.ancient-greece.org/history/minoan.html

What is included here on these sites discusses that Minoans did trade extensively with Egypt, and so obtained many works of art in decorated utilitarian objects (jars, combs, knives) as well as objects that were intended as decorative only (jewelry). The influence of Egyptian art can be seen in Minoan frescoes, such as the one pictured here - where three ...

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