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    Knossos Palace

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    Discuss several of the factors that made the Knossos Palace so exceptional architecturally, and describe the functions the palace complex was designed to serve. How does this compare with previous examples of buildings from the Near East and Egypt.

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    The Minoan city of Knossos on the island of Crete is one of mythological and legendary stature. Up until the early 1900s the Minoan civilization only existed in Greek myths and legends. Sir Arthur Evans, along with an excavation crew, discovered the ruins of the city, and a large structure, which he named the Palace of Minos', after the mythological king Minos of the Minoan civilization.

    The Palace of Minos is an incredibly large structure measuring 22,000 square meters and over 1500 rooms (though the room count varies from source to source.) The legendary labyrinth was supposed to be located in the center of this structure, but based on actual evidence uncovered by archaeologists no proof has been found. The structure received the label of "palace" from Sir Arthur Evans, thanks to his Victorian background. Around 1700 BCE the Minoan civilization was reduced to ruin by a massive earthquake which brought this enormous three story structure to the ground. Though ...