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    Art, Music, and Creative Writing Quizzes

    Pueblo Architecture

    How much do you know about Pueblo architecture? Take this short quiz to test your knowledge!

    Baroque Art

    Test your smarts on the art of the Baroque period.

    Gothic Architecture

    Gothic architecture appears in every art history survey course. Test your knowledge of this important phase of architecture with this short quiz.

    The Origins of Hip Hop

    Test your Hip-Hop knowledge. Everything on the exam deal with the earliest Hip Hop legacy.

    Art Analysis

    Test your knowledge on the variety of ways you can analyze a work of art.

    Ancient Near East

    How much do you know about the art of ancient Mesopotamia? Take this quiz to find out!

    Baroque Art

    Test your knowledge over the art and artists of the Baroque era. This quiz covers art from Italy, Spain, and Northern Europe.

    Visual Art Vocabulary

    This quiz will test your knowledge of introductory vocabulary pertaining to visual art. These terms will be helpful as you write papers or plan oral presentations.

    Introduction to Film

    This quiz will test your knowledge of the basic vocabulary of the making and history of cinema.

    Nicolo Paganini: Introduction to the Composer

    This quiz introduces the composer, Nicolo Paganini. Nicolo Paganini played several instruments and earned an award in Rome, along with many other lifetime achievements. Test your musical knowledge!


    Test your introductory knowledge of photography.


    Test your knowledge of Impressionism with these six questions.

    Italian Renaissance

    This quiz tests students' knowledge of the Italian Renaissance on an introductory level.


    Brief quiz about the context and artists of the Neoclassical style.

    Elements and Principles in Art

    Various objective questions to check your general understand of the elements of Art (color, line, texture, value, etc.) and the Principles of Art (balance, contrast, unity, pattern, etc.).

    Basic Color in Art

    Basic questions dealing with Color, one of the Elements of Art. Color is generally a course all by itself at the collegiate level. See how you stack up!