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    Psychology Quizzes

    Sigmund Freud

    How much do you know about Sigmund Freud's theories? Find out with this quiz!

    A Review of Qualitative and Quantitative methodologies

    This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Knowing the difference between the two can help in making the important decision of which to use when conducting research.

    Role of Memory in Learning

    This quiz addresses the role of memory in the learning process. The quiz differentiates between the different types of memory that facilitate learning.

    Anxiety Disorders

    This quiz is designed to help students gain a better understanding of various types of anxiety disorders.

    V Axis Diagnostic Tool

    It's important for all therapists to know what the V Axis Diagnostic tool is and how to use it. This quiz should be taken by learners who are not familiar with the V Axis Diagnostic Tool or who need to refresh their knowledge.

    Childhood Disorders (Axis 1)

    This quiz is designed to test one's knowledge on childhood Principle Disorders found in the DSM-IV (1994). This is a good quiz for those who wish to pursue a career in child assessment or child development. Good luck.

    Brain and behaviour

    Reviews areas of the brain involved in specific behaviours. This information is important for introductory psychology courses.

    Erik Erikson's Psychosocial Stages

    Erik Erikson researched eight stages of psychosocial development beginning at birth and ending at death. This quiz challenges your knowledge of each stage, the corresponding age range, and the conflicts present during each stage.

    Health Psychology

    This quiz speaks to the general concepts, themes, and terminology associated with the field of health psychology.

    Developmental Psychology

    This quiz explores the concepts, theories and key terminology associated with human psychological development.

    Abnormal Psychology

    This quiz will explore the faucets of abnormal psychology, from the question of what is abnormal, to the intricacies of DSM diagnosable disorders.

    Theories of Work Motivation

    This quiz tests the student's understanding of the major theories of work motivation from an organizational behavior perspective.

    Psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud

    This quiz explores the personality theory of psychoanalysis, in particular reference to how Freud conceptualized of this theory.

    Motion Perception

    This quiz will help students test their understanding of the differences between the types of motion perception, as well as the understanding of their underlying mechanisms.


    This quiz provides a general overview of psychology basics.