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    History Quizzes

    The U.S. Constitution

    How much do you know about the U.S. Constitution? Test your knowledge with this short quiz!

    Vocabulary Quiz: Europe

    Quiz yourself with basic vocabulary related to Europe! These questions are important for understanding history in social studies.

    Social Studies European Review

    A knowledge base of history is important to understanding our world today. Take a few moments on this quick review of Europe.

    Discovering the Age of Discovery

    In 1492 travels and contact between the Americas and Europe impacted cultures across the Atlantic Ocean. The Age of Discovery is an important time period in history. This quiz offers a brief introduction to this time period with key highlights.

    Ancient Ghana

    This quiz tests students' knowledge about the ancient kingdom of Ghana (Africa).

    America After WWII

    This quiz will access your knowledge of America after WWII and the new age that the country was entering into.

    Imperialism in China

    The quiz is about the competition of the imperial powers in the Far East to control the territories of China and Korea. It also reflects the factors which led to World War I

    The New Government Begins

    The quiz is designed to test your knowledge of American history after a new government and Constitution are put in place.

    German Wars of Unification

    A short quiz to determine the student's knowledge of events and figures associated with the mid 19th Century German Wars of Unification