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    Law and Social Work

         Social work revolves around working to improve the quality of life and well being of other individuals or groups. Within Canada, this work is governed by the Social Work and Social Service Work Act of 1998. This act outlines the ways in which social workers may interact with their various client groups. Through this act, social workers are given guidance as to how they should operate and what their job is defined to be. The act also serves as a way to control social workers by making them accountable for their actions. Alongside the act we have an equally important body of laws including workplace law, children law, mental health law and youth justice laws. Ghe groups relevant to these laws are the client groups that social workers are, by definition, meant to work with – children, mentally ill, physically disabled, seniors, etc. Social law can also be further divided into social work law and social welfare law, both of which are equally important. 

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    Victimology and its Impact

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    War on Unions

    We have seen political attacks on unions in recent years by governors in the states of Ohio (Governor John Kasich and Issue 2/Senate Bill 5), Michigan (Governor Rick Snyder and Senate Bill 116/House Bill 4003), and Wisconsin (Governor Scott Walker and Senate Bill 11). We have seen major corporations go bankrupt due to union lead

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    Describe the basic elements involved in sexual harassment. Develop a personal mock case scenario with your explanation. What steps should be utilized in preventing sexual harassment the workplace? Include the role of the supervisor and the employee, in reporting claims of harassment. What are the psychological warning signs

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    Give an example of a future trend affecting the criminal justice system. How can the personnel in the criminal justice system accurately and effectively plan accordingly for this trend? What changes would you recommend to improve the situation associated with this trend? Explain.