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PTSD & Policing PowerPoint

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Create a power point presentation on PTSD and policing including the following:
- history of PTSD
- how it related to the military
- the importance of policing

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Solution provides a basic 4-slide outline of a presentation with a paragraph on the history of PTSD, its relation to the military and the importance of policing.

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This is what I have, but I don't know how to do PPP.

Explanation of the Political, military, and social outcomes of the end of the war in Vietnam.
â?¢ Johnsonâ??s decline and the destruction of his presidency
â?¢ War-induced inflation and effect on U.S. foreign policy
â?¢ Americanâ??s faith in the leader and the political system
â?¢ Thousands of American sent to their deaths, but who won the war?

American defends South Vietnam against communists from a small unexplainable cold War commitment the proved to be the most costly war in American history. This was after starting the decade with high expectations but often lead to a divided America. The popular Presidency of Lyndon Johnson was destroyed while inflation and foreign policy riddled America. Americans lost faith in the government while many lives were lost in a war to possible no avail.

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