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Law Case Studies

I need help with the following scenarios/questions.

1. Petit v. City of Chicago - Just to show you how quickly law evolves, a June 29, 2009 opinion by the Supreme Court has rendered our textbook obsolete before you ever start using it. First, look up the Petit case in your textbook. On what basis READ MORE »

Law / Business Law » 495116

Reasons Why Doctors Get Sued

You are the compliance manager of a medium sized hospital in a suburban neighborhood. Your facility is a medical surgical facility providing care for the community. Your facility has hospitalists employed and grants privileges to physicians in the community.

Prepare some notes about the case from READ MORE »

Law / History and Philosophy of Law » 556491

Differentiated Instruction and Concept Formation

What are the benefits to the six-column framework for differentiated instruction? How can you use this framework in preparation for differentiated instruction? How might a leader use it to support change or improve instruction?

On page 39 of Differentiated Instructional Strategies in Practice: T READ MORE »

Education / Learning & Teaching / Lesson Planning » 497003

Lesson Plan: Independent Practice and Monitoring Student Performance

1. Describe and discuss how to adjust guided and independent pratice for the skill or concept seleced for a math class that is appropriate for:
a. Students experiencing difficulty understanding the skill or concept.
b. Students progressing at a faster rate than average.

2. Include READ MORE »

Education / Learning & Teaching / Lesson Planning » 478564
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