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    Business Math

    Business math is used by companies and commercial enterprises to record and manage business operations. Math is used in accounting, inventory management, marketing, sales, and financial analysis. Business math includes courses taken at the undergraduate level by business students. The courses are usually less detailed and difficult than math courses for people majoring in mathematics or science. The two most common forms of business math include business statistics and business calculus. Problems investigated by these topics usually involve real-life problems faced by businesses and individuals on a daily basis.

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    Managerial Statistics

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    Business Statistics is the science of good decision making in the face of uncertainty.

    Business Calculus

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    Business Calculus is traditional calculus applied to business scenarios and situations.

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    Toyota Motors Forecasting

    Problem Set 4: Forecasting Note: Display your answers to two decimal places, but carry the full value in the calculations, i.e. do not round the numbers while you are performing your calculations. Question 1 Toyota Motors introduced a hybrid car Hybrid G in the U.S. market in 2014. In the first three years, the sales of the H

    Solar Panel Technical Report Part 2

    Solar Panel Technical Report Part 2 Questions to Explore In this worksheet, you will explore the following questions: ● What is the expected amount of electricity that would be produced by adopting a solar panel system that covers the entire roof based on the average monthly sunlight? ● What is the current electrici

    Solar Panel Technical Report Part I

    Solar Panel Technical Report Part 1 Questions to Explore In this worksheet, you explore the following questions: ● How many solar panels will fit on the roof? ● How many defective solar panels should the university expect to receive? ● How much money should the university expect to pay to fix the defective solar p

    U.S. Budget Excel

    Budget Use a cell reference or a single formula where appropriate. Do not copy and paste values or type values. The projected Fiscal Year (FY) projected 2019 budget is given in the spreadsheet, broken down by Outlays (Mandatory and Discretionary spending) and Receipts (income). https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/historical-tab

    Overtime Excel

    Overtime You run a company with 6 employees. Create a spreadsheet that keeps track of the hours each employee works and determines their weekly salary. If they work 40 hours or less, they simply get their hourly wage times the number of hours worked. If they work overtime, anything over 40 hours gets paid time and a half; so

    Credit Cards, APR, and Paying the Balance

    1. Your friend has a credit card with an APR of 49.9%! What would his finance charge be on a $500 charge for just 1 month? 2. Your friend has 2 credit cards with balances that he cannot afford to pay off all at once. A $500 balance on a card with 15.99% APR and a $400 card with a %25.99. Calculate the monthly finance charges

    Characteristics of cost functions: fixed, variable, average and marginal

    Consider the following variable cost function (where Q = output): VC = 200 * Q - 9 * Q^2 + 0.25 * Q^3 Fixed costs are equal to $150: FC = 150 A. Determine the total cost function. B. Determine the (i) average fixed, (ii) average variable, (iii) average total, and (iv) marginal cost functions. C. Determine the value of Q w

    Southern Sporting Goods: Linear Programming using EXCEL Solver

    Southern Sporting Goods Company makes basketballs and footballs. Each product is produced from two resources rubber and leather. The resource requirements for each product and the total resources available are as follows: Resource Requirements per Unit Product Basketball Foo

    Fred and Carrie's Research Report

    Fred and Carrie's Research Report Washing Machine and Formula Information Fred and Carrie are thinking of purchasing washing machines that have a 20-pound capacity, meaning that each machine can hold 20 pounds or less. The inequalities below demonstrate the number of machines needed, based on the number of pounds of laundr

    Case example of non-integer optimization using Excel Solver

    FairDev Corp. is considering taking part in one or more development projects A, B, and C. Each requires an investment over the next few years and then would be sold upon completion. Which projects should FairDev take part in and at what fraction of participation, so as to end year 6 with as much cash as possible? Build a linear

    Calculate the productivity ratios

    You have a company that makes 30000 light bulbs per day with the following resources: Labor : 250 hours per day@$15.00 per hour Raw Material : 60000 pounds of glass per day @$0.50 per pound Energy : $10000 per day Capital : $3500 per day 1) What is the productivity per labor hour for the light bulbs you make? 2) What i

    Analyzing the given project times- CPM and PERT

    Hello, I need some assistance on my homework on the following AON diagrams. I have attached the word document and a jpeg what I've done so far. I need assistance on the second problem. 1) Given the information in the following table: Activity Duration Predecessor A 4 None B 6 A C 4 A D 2 C E 4 B F 5 B, D G 3 C H

    Calculating the number of workstations needed

    A plant manager plans to purchase new workstations. He has three choices andtheir prices are listed below. Workstation Cost A $55,000 B $45,000 C $85,000 The new workstation will be used to produce three products. The annual demands for the three products and their processing times on each type of workstations are as the fo

    ANALYTICAL HIERARCHY PROCESS is Used in Decision Making

    Please see the files below, thank you! CB600 Game Theory Game Theory III 7. Bimatrix Games We have encountered various ways of solving constant-sum games in the previous sections. Now we turn to the case where the sums of the pay-offs of the two players do not add up to a constant. In this case, we c

    Computing Average Daily Balance and Finance Charge

    Sept 16 bill date. Previous balance is $1,700 1700 x 3 da = 5,100. I counted Sept 17, 18, 19) not Sept 16 Sept 19. Balance is 5,100 Sept 19 Pymt. 57.00. (5,100 - 57.00 = 5,043). New bal 5,043 (From Sept 19 to Sept 30 I counted 11 days. I did not count Sept 19) 5,043 x 11 days

    Impact of Deferred Taxes on Net Income for ACME

    Stephanie Delaney, CPA, is the newly hired director of corporate taxation for Acme Incorporated, which is a publicly traded corporation. Ms. Delaney's first job with Acme was the review of the company's accounting practices on deferred income taxes. In doing her review, she noted differences between tax and book depreciation met

    Calculating the number of customers processed per hour

    A checkout line at a grocery store takes an average of 4 minutes to ring up a customer's order. On average, five customers are in the checkout line. What is the average number of customers per hour processed in the checkout line?

    Resultant Force on Eyebolt

    Determine the resultant force acting on the eyebolt shown in the attached figure, as a result of the four forces shown, both analytically and graphically. Compare and comment on the two results. See the attached file.

    interest rate, compound amount and loans

    Section 5.1 #2 Find the interest on each of these loans $35,000 at 6% for 9 months #4 Find the interest on each of these loans $1875 at 5.3% for 7 months #8 Find the interest on each of these loans $8940 at 9%; loan made on May 7 and due September 19 #16 Find the future value of each of these loans $3475 loan at 7

    Bennington Company Income Statement

    Please see the attached income statement for the Bennington Company. Please help fill in the blanks, which include: - Sales - Cost of goods sold - Gross profit - Selling expenses - Administrative expenses - Total expenses - Income before taxes - Income taxes - Net income.

    Growth rate of Janebury Corporation

    Sales for Janebury Corporation's just-ended year were $8 million. Sales were $4 million 2 years earlier. a. At what rate did sales grow? Round your answer to the nearest whole. Suppose someone calculated the sales growth for Janebury Corporation in part a as follows: "Sales doubled in 2 years. This represents a growth of 100

    Recording Bond Issuance

    1. Heathrow issues $1,400,000 of 5%, 15-year bonds dated January 1, 2011, that pay interest semiannually on June 30 and December 31. The bonds are issued at a price of $1,209,757. Required: 1. Prepare the January 1, 2011, journal entry to record the bonds' issuance. (Omit the "$" sign in your response.)

    Financial Engineering

    Financial Engineering is the application of mathematics and computer programming skills to solve certain problems in finance drawing on tools of statistics, economics, computer science and applied mathematics. Investment banks, commercial banks, insurance companies, corporate treasuries and regulatory agencies employ financi

    Assets Liabilities And Equity

    WACC The Patrick Company's year-end balance sheet is shown below. Its cost of common equity is 16%, its before-tax cost of debt is 13%, and its marginal tax rate is 40%. Assume that the firm's long-term debt sells at par value. The firm has 576 shares of common stock outstanding that sell for $4.00. Calculate Patrick's WACC usin

    D'Anoconia Copper: Outstanding Number of Shares

    D'Anoconia copper is an all equity firm with 60 million shares outstanding, which are currently trading at $20 per share. Last month , d'Anconia announced that it will change its capital structure by issuing $300 million in debt. The $200 million raised by the issue, plus another $200 million in cash that d'Anconia already has,

    Calculating Probability with Replacement

    An urn contains 7 blue and 3 yellow chips. If the drawing of chips is done with replacement, determine the probability of: (a) Drawing three yellow chips. (b) Drawing a blue chip on the first draw and a yellow chip on the second draw. (c) Drawing a blue chip on the second draw given that a yellow chip was drawn on the first

    The Value of Scientific Notation

    Is there value in expressing things in scientific notation? Specifically, provide an example regarding national debt. Is there any information lost in translation, and is that lost information important?

    Commodity investment and the risks of annuities

    You invest $10,000 in an agricultural crop commodity today. 1. What commodity did you select? Why? 2. Use the internet to check today's prices as listed in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's crop reports at their worldwide website: www.usda.gov a. What is the price now? b. What was the price a year ago?

    Mortgage Calculations: Can Joe afford his future home?

    What is known: The purchase price of the house is $75,000 Joe has $10,000 in savings Joe makes $15 per hour and works 40 hours per week 30-year mortgage interest rate of 6.25% and a monthly payment of $439.00 15-year mortgage interest rate of 5.25% and a monthly payment of $575.00 Down payment: 5% minimum Taxes last year

    The Final Price Adjustment: Defective Pricing

    Calculate the amount of the final price adjustment because of defective pricing based on the following: Contractor unintentionally overpriced their material costs by $75,000 and under-priced their direct manufacturing labor costs by $50,000. Overhead rates used to price the original contract are given below: Material OH