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    Pessimistic and Optimistic Decision Maker

    A student group must order hot dogs for a concession stand at a sporting event. In the past, demand has been 7, 8, 9, or 10 dozen hot dogs for the event, depending on attendance and the weather. They need to order the hot dogs and buns the week before the event and will not be able to return any unused invent

    Decision tree for test procedures and computing EVSIs

    Mark Harris, Production Manager of Medical Electronics Inc. is preparing for the delivery of one of his company's new blood analyzers to the Hershey Medical Center. All that remains is to subject the unit to a test procedure to determine whether it meets its design specifications. They will earn a profit of $3100 if the analyzer

    Accounting Problem: Loss Carry Overs for Canadian Taxes

    Yvonne's problem is to calculate net income for canadian tax purposes (B) employment income 64,000 interest income 2,600 rental income 4,560 partnership loss 144,940 (50% ) dispositions taxable capital gain 32,420, allowable taxable losses 29,375 deductable contributions 12,480 paid to rrsp indicate the amount and

    Canadian Taxation Accounting

    Net Income for tax purposes: Yvonne had employment income of 46,200, as well as income from an unincorporated business of 13,500. A rental property owned by Yvonne experienced a net loss of 2,350. Dispositions of capital property of the current year had the following results: taxable capital gains 14,220, allowable capital lo

    Accounting: The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

    It sometimes seems like there is always an accounting scandal on the news. There have been plenty of investigations into the different businesses that had the accounting scandals. When the investigations are finished, the findings almost always show that an accounting gimmick was used to manipulate the financial statements. R

    Dimensional Analysis: Distance, Density, Speed, Value

    Please use Dimensional analysis technique and show the work. 1-Approximately how many dollars worth of pennies would you need to place side by side to cover a total distance of one mile? 2-The speed limit on many Australian highways is 100.0 kilometers per hour. Convert this to miles per hour. 3-What is the volume in mi

    Shares and Offerings

    Refer to Marvin Prospectus Appendix a) If there is unexpectedly heavy demand for this issue, how many extra shares can the underwriter buy? b) How many shares are to be sold in the primary offering? How many will be sold in the secondary offering? c) One day post-ISO, Marvin shares trades at $105. What was the degree of un

    Accounting for Non-Accounting Majors

    1. Explain what is meant by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). 2. What is the FASB, and what does this organization do? 3. What is the SEC, and what does this organization do? 4. In light of the ongoing economic crisis, do you think these organizations are doing a good job? Why or why not?

    How Many Hamburgers?

    While Charlie is out of the shop, a local meat vendor calls and asks to speak to the manager of Brubaker's Grill regarding a money saving deal he can offer on hamburger meat. Joe is excited to talk with the vendor. He is anxious to prove to Charlie that he can be a manager, so he arranges a meeting with the vendor to explore the

    Weighted Averages

    Calculate Company A's weighted average cost of debt, given the following information: (a) Tax Rate: 20%, (b) Average Price of Outstanding Bonds: $1,120, (c) Coupon Rate: 5%, (d) NPER: 27, (e) Debt: $33,000,000, (f) Equity: $24,000,000, and (g) Preferred Stock: $5,000,000. Calculate Company B's weighted average cost of equity

    Determining the royalty per bundle that would permit a 12% profit margin.

    Debbie's Book Nook sells textbook material bundles for $17.00 each, the variable cost per pack is $12.50, fixed costs for this operation are $325,000, and annual sales are 117,000 bundles. The unit variable cost consists of a $3.50 royalty payment, VR, per bundle to publishers plus other variable costs of VO = $9.00. The royalty

    Stock Ownership and Dividend Income

    On July 7, you purchased 500 shares of Wagoneer, Inc. stock for $21 a share. On August 1, you sold 200 shares of this stock for $28 a share. You sold an additional 100 shares on August 17 at a price of $25 a share. The company declared a $0.95 per share dividend on August 4 to holders of record as of Wednesday, August 15. This

    Creating a Budget for a Company

    Scenario: Four Flags is a retail department store. The following cost-volume relationships were used in developing a flexible budget for the company for the current year: Yearly Fixed Expenses Variable Expenses per Sales Dollar

    Revenue and Cost Calculations

    A manufacturer of small chain saws has determined: R(x)=xp(x)=x(200-x/30)=200x-x^2/30 C(x)=7200+60x Where x is the number of saws that can be sold at price $p per saw and C(x) is the total cost (in dollars) of producing x saws. a. Find the marginal cost b. Find the marginal revenue c. What is the minimum number of saws s

    Monte Carlo Method Probability Model

    X and Y are both standard normal random variables (mean = 0, standard deviation = 1), statistically independent of each other. Create a simulation model to estimate the probability that X and Y are both positive and that their sum is less or equal to 1. This probability is A. Less than 12.5%. B. Between 12.5% and 25%. C. Be

    Preparing Budgets

    Safe and Bright Inc produces outside doors for installation on homes. The following information was gathered to prepare budgets for the upcoming year beginning Jan 1: Sales force in units...........................................................................5,500 doors Finished goods inventory Jan 1........................

    What would be either investment center?

    How would video world evaluate each of these we need to briefly explain the answer we use. A- An individual video arcade within a chain of video arcades B - A snack bar within one of the companys arcades C - D particular video game within one of the companys arcades D - Security officers at each arcade location How woul

    Understanding Theoretical Stock Prices

    Find an estimate of the risk-free rate of interest (krf). For the value, go to Bloomberg.com: Market Data and use the "U.S. 10-year Treasury" bond rate (middle column) as the risk-free rate. You also need a value for the market risk premium. Use an assumed market risk premium of 9.00%. Download the XYZ Stock Information which i

    Statistical Probability of a Deck of Cards

    1) Consider a regular deck of cards where the cards ace, jack, queen, and king are numbered 1, 11, 12, and 13 respectively. Consider the experiment of drawing two cards randomly from this deck without replacement. a. Describe the outcomes of this experiment. List the elements of the sample space. b. What is the probability o

    Accounting Terms for Cost

    For each statement indicate the accounting term or terms described: A. Examination of differences between costs to be incurred and revenue to be earned under different courses of action. B. A cost incurred in the past that cannot be changed as a result of future actions. C. Costs and Revenue that are expected to vary depend

    Computing Averages and Probability Using Excel

    Question: Zimmerman's Bank is the only bank in the small town of St. Thomas. On a typical Friday, an average of 10 customers per hour arrive at the bank to the transact business. There is one teller at the bank, and the average time required to transact business is 4 minutes. It is assumed that service times may be described by

    Business and Regression Analysis

    Use the data in the spreadsheet "HW #2" to answer the following. 1. Construct a scatter diagram for Math and Science scores. 2. Develop a regression model for predicting Science score as a function of Math score. 3. Use the regression model to predict the Science score given a Math score is 90.

    Capital Budgeting: Cost of Capital

    An investment with total costs of $10,000 will generate total revenue of $11,000 for the year. Management thinks that since the investment is profitable, it should be made. Do you agree? What additional information would you want? If funds cost 12 percent, what would be your advice to management? Would your answer be different i

    Stages of the research process and brainstorming

    1. You have a good understanding of math and a knack of explaining math to others. Several of your friends have asked you to help their kids with math. Now you are considering making some extra money doing private tutoring, and would like to conduct online research about your chances of success. Describe how you would apply the

    Project Probability with Variance Given

    A project has an expected duration of 34 weeks with a critical path variance of 6. Suppose the project network is given and the critical path is identified on the network. Suppose the normal time, crash time, and the associated cost for each activity is given. You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare a research paper t

    Compute the current price of a stock in the given cases.

    Problem 1 Suppose a dividend of $1.25 was paid. The stock has a required rate of return of 11.2% and investors expect the dividend to grow at a constant rate of 10%. Complete parts (a) through (e) below. a) Compute D0, D1, D2, D3 and D7. b) Compute the present value of the dividends for t = 3 years. c) Compute the current ma

    Euclidean and Rectilinear Distance Problem: The ODU Bookstore

    The ODU bookstore has decided to promote its new opening by having a shopping spree. The winner of the shopping spree will have to abide by the following rules. They will have 10 minutes to grab as many items as possible from the store. They must place a shopping cart in one spot and leave it there for the entire duration of the