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    Preparing a schedule of cost of goods

    Parmian Corporation has provided the following data concerning last month's manufacturing operations. Purchases of raw materials $53,000. Indirect materials included in manufacturing overhead - $8,000 Direct labor - $62,000 Manufacturing overhead applied to work in progress - $41,000 Underapplied overhead - $8,000 Inve

    Using Statistics to Solve a Problem

    Need assistance with this statistic problem - (in excel format) "Lies, damned lies, and statistics" is a phrase describing the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments, and the tendency of people to disparage statistics that do not support their positions. It is also sometimes

    Solving First In, First Out Accounting Problems

    This is the following problem: Idaho Paper Co include the following information relating to the current year: Dec 31 Jan 1 Materials inventory................................................... $20,000 $25,000 Work in process invent

    Decision Tree: Diamond Chemicals

    Rob Johnson is a product manager at Diamond Chemicals, which is considering whether to launch a new product line that will require it to build a new facility. The technology required to produce the new product is yet untested. If Rob decides to build the new facility and the process is successful, Diamond Chemicals will realize

    Stock Market and Decision Tree Analysis

    Mr. T must decide whether to invest $10,000 in the stock market (SM) or saving bond (SB) at an interest rate of 8%. If he invests in the stock market for a year and the market is good, he could get a 12% return on his money. On the other hand, if the market is bad, he will get nothing. Suppose there is a 60% chance of a good

    The Hoggs Corn and Wheat Farm

    The Hogg company are a group of Oklahoma agricultural producers. The Hoggs want to derive a production process that will satisfy their goals. These farmers can produce corn, wheat, and/or hogs. The acreage they can cultivate for crops is 1100 acres, of which 600 acres is for corn production and 500 acres for wheat production. T

    Statistical Tools- Pros and Cons

    In detail, what statistical tools would apply and how they would be used when analyzing financial information for each of the selected organizations to assess for value. Discuss the pros and cons of each statistic tool. Choose one domestic and one global organization from the Financial Times 500 as opposed to Fortune 500 wit

    Calculate the maturity amount for bondholders.

    On January 1, Bank, Rupp & Baroque, Inc. issued $50,000 worth of 10-year, 9% bonds for $48,890. How much cash will bondholders receive when the bonds mature? (Assume that the final interest payment has already been made separately.)

    Appropriate Statistical Analysis: Beauty, Seniority and Salary

    A fashion student was interested in factors that predicted the salaries of catwalk models. She collected data from 231 models. For each model she asked them their salary per day on days when they were working (salary), their age (age), how many years they had worked as a model (years), and then got a panel of experts from modeli

    Managerial Accounting for Subsidiaries

    The following data summarize the operating performance of your company's wholly owned Canadian subsidiary for 2009 to 2011. The cost of capital for this subsidiary is 10 percent. (000,000)

    Number of possible passwords

    Assume that a computer password for a computer account is to consist of 2 letters followed by 2 digits. Determine the number of possible passwords in the case that repetition is permitted and in the case that repetition is not permitted.

    Effect of Risk on Shape of Probability Distribution

    The probability distribution of a less risky expected return is more peaked than that of a riskier return. What shape would the probability distribution have for (a) completely certain returns and (b) completely uncertain returns?

    Values of a Policy

    An insurance policy sells for $1200. Based on past data, an average of 1 in 125 policy holders will file a $15000 claim, an average of 1 in 100 holders will file a claim of $40,000 and an average of 1 in 250 holders will file a claim of $80,000. a) Find the expected value to the company of each policy sold. b) If the com

    Statistics: Company Effects of Rising Gas Prices

    Imagine that you are a manager at a delivery service and you are creating a report to project the effects on your company of rising gas prices in the next ten years. Using the attached document as statistical analysis as your basis and outside scholarly resources to support your claims, Include the following considerations:

    Range and mean not good predictor of variability

    Four sets are listed in the table below. Each set represents a sample. Find the range, mean, and standard deviation for each set. Use your results to fill in the table. Set: f1; 2; 98; 100g f1; 49; 51; 100g f1; 25; 75; 100g f1; 40; 60; 100g Based on your results above, please answer the following questions: (1) Why i

    A poll is conducted the day before a Senatorial election.

    A poll is conducted the day before a Senatorial election. 2 candidates are running. The poll shows that 56% of the voters favor the republican candidate with a margin of error of 2 percentage points. Should the Republican expect to win? Why or why not? a) The results show that the Republican is not likely to win a solid maj

    Valuing a Bond with Semi Annual Interest Payments

    Valuing Bonds: Microhard has issued a bond with the following characteristics: Par: $1,000 Time to maturity: 25 years Coupon Rate: 7 percent Semi Annual Interest Payments Calculate the price of this bond if the YTM is: a. 7 percent b. 9 percent c. 5 percent

    Applications of Probability in Business Decisions

    In what situations might you use probability as a manager to approach business-related problems? What are the advantages to using probability concepts in business decisions? Are there any disadvantages or possible pitfalls to avoid in using probability in business?

    Foreign Branches of Companies and U.S. Tax Deduction

    Six years ago, NewCo, Inc., a domestic manufacturer of mold-injection systems, established a sales and service operation in Madrid, Spain. The Madrid office was structured as a Spanish corporation, but NewCo made a check-the-box election to treat the operation as a branch in order to obtain a U.S. tax deduction for the branch's

    U.S. Taxation of International Transactions when Liquidating or Selling

    Finco is a wholly owned Finnish manufacturing subsidiary of Winco, a domestic corporation that manufactures and markets residential window products throughout the world. Winco has been Finco's sole shareholder since Finco was organized in 1990. At the end of the current year, Winco sells all of Finco's stock to an unrelated fore

    Strategic Management Plan for SUV Company

    Can you help me with the development of a 4 year strategic management plan with quantifiable goals and measures? Please provide environmental scanning of current conditions in the area of expansion including economy, competition, political stability. etc. Please address internal resource analysis such as managerial and financi

    U.S. Taxation of International Transactions

    Can you help me with the following scenarios below concerning U.S. taxation on international transactions? Scenario 1: USAco, a domestic corporation, forms a Canadian subsidiary, CANco, to distribute USAco's widgets in Canada. USAco sells widgets to CANco for resale in Canada, providing CANco with USAco's unique distribution

    Taxation of International Transactions

    In each of the following independent situations involving transfers of tangible property, determine which transfer pricing methods applies and compute a transfer price using the appropriate method. Show all of your computations. a) Dougco, a domestic corporation, owns 100% of Thaico, a Thailand corporation. Dougco manufacture

    Calculating Probability for Completing a Project

    Using the information provided in the table, the network diagram and the expected project completion time = 39 weeks (see attachment): The critical path is A-B-D-G-H. (a) Calculate the probability of completing the project in 36 weeks. P(project ? 36) = (b) Calculate the probability of completing the project in 40 w

    Audit Sampling Applications

    Below are statements or examples related to audit sampling applications. Indicate, using the correct letter, which concept is most closely associated with the statement or example. Each concept may be related to more than one statement or example. A. Statistical sampling B. Nonstatistical sampling C. Sampling risk D. Nons