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What is the Most Appropriate Statistical Analysis?

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Which is the best and why?

A fashion student was interested in factors that predicted the salaries of catwalk models. She collected data from 231 models. For each model she asked them their salary per day on days when they were working (salary), their age (age), how many years they had worked as a model (years), and then got a panel of experts from modeling agencies to rate the attractiveness of each model as a percentage with 100% being perfectly attractive (beauty). The most appropriate statistical analysis would be:

A. T-test


C. Multiple-regression

D. chi square

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A. T-Test is a hypothesis test for small samples, where the sample size is less than 30. For bigger samples you would use a Z-test. E.g. how your exam score compares with the others in your class. There is a Z-table and a T-table that you use in these calculations.

B. ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) is a simultaneous comparison of several population ...

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This solution defines and gives concise examples of the concepts of T-test, ANOVA, multiple regression, and chi square statistical methods. The question is looking for the best method to predict the salaries of catwalk models.

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