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Statistical Choices Worksheet and SPSS or Excel Analysis

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1 Assignment: Statistical Choices Worksheet

â?¢ Resources: Statistical Choices Worksheet & Figures 39.1 and 39.2 zip file

â?¢ Complete the Statistical Choices Worksheet to determine the correct descriptive and inferential statistics to use. If there is missing information that you need in order to make a choice, state the assumptions your choices are based upon. Refer to Figures 39.1 and 39.2 in the zip file.

2. Assignment: SPSS or Excel Analysis

â?¢ Resources: Pre-Post Test Score Data Set & Sample Results Report attached zip file

â?¢ Review the Sample Results Report.

â?¢ Access the Pre-Post Test Score Data Set. This is the data for Study #2 introduced in the Statistical Choices worksheet in the zip file.

â?¢ Analyze the data using SPSS or Excel based on the purpose of the study.

â?¢ Copy and paste the results into a Microsoft® Word document.

â?¢ Prepare a 350- to 700-word report presenting your results.

o Include the most appropriate descriptive displays (tables and/or figures) and statistics to describe the collected data and to determine the relationship between the variables.

o Leverage the Sample Results Report and ensure your paper is formatted in correct APA style.

â?¢ Submit the SPSS or Excel results and the report

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Statistical Choices Worksheet

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