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    Regression Analysis on SPSS

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    Need full explanation - Please see attachment. Information is on Tab 1 and data on Tab 2.

    Please use SPSS.

    You are a statistical analyst for a computer manufacturing company CompXXX. The COO of CompXXX has requested that you review production and delivery data for two popular CompXXX computer models, UltraModel and MobileXP. The COO suspects that several different factors affect the number of days required to deliver each computer model and wants you to verify which factors are statistically significant. The COO would also like for you to estimate what the typical lead-time should be for each computer model, where a quoted lead-time would be accurate for 90%, 95%, or 99% of CompXXX customers. The current lead-time quoted to customers is at most 9 days, regardless of the computer model ordered.

    The COO is very interested in what information your statistical analysis can provide. The data set provided by the COO identifies the computer model (UltraModel where model=1 and MobileXP where model=0), the number of extra features on each computer, the distance (00's of miles) for each shipment from the factory, and the number of days required for each delivery to reach the respective customer. The data set represents the most recent 120 shipments. As a statistical analyst, you have tools of regression, correlation, frequency distribution, hypothesis testing, and statistical inference to provide the COO with the information he requested. The COO expects you analyze the data set, provide an executive summary with charts and/or graphs to explain your results, and statistically support your findings.

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