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Regression Analysis in SPSS: Relationship between order size and level of customer satisfaction.

See attached data file.

A clothing retailer wishes to investigate the relationship between order size (in dollars) and the level of satisfaction of the customer. The retailer randomly picks 30 consumers and records each customer's level of satisfaction (on a scale of 1 through 7, 7 being extremely satisfied and 1 being extremely dissatisfied) and their order size. The retailer expects that higher levels of satisfaction would lead to higher order sizes. In addition, the retailer expects the impact of satisfaction on order size to be lowered at higher levels of satisfaction. Express the regression model that the company must use, state the null and alternate hypothesis, estimate the model and provide interpretation. The data is in satisfaction.sav

If regression is required, please provide the multi comparison table. To open up the data file you will need spss.

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Step by step method for the regression analysis in SPSS is given in the attached files.