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    Interpretation of Regression Output in SPSS

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    Regression problem must be neatly prepared and typed (double spaced) with all relevant printouts from SPSS included. You MUST refer to your SPSS printout in each section, clearly explaining what you did and what were the results.

    consider a simple regression model (using only one independent variable) and will include 3 parts; model and data description, regression analysis, and conclusions.

    College Graduation Rates attached to solve problem.

    Each of the sections to be completed is explained below:

    1. Model and Data Description - Start by introducing the data you are going to use, include a presentation of the descriptives, correlations, and a scatter plot of your independent variable with your dependent variable. You must discuss the descriptives (what they tell you about each variable) as well as the correlations and scatter plots (what do they suggest about the relationship between your dependent and independent variable?).

    2. Regression - Present the model being estimated including the regression analysis results and interpret the parameter estimates. Construct a 95% confidence interval estimate for each parameter in the model and interpret your results. Comment on the fit of the model using the R2 statistic and F test. Perform the appropriate hypothesis test (state the hypotheses to be tested, the decision rule, the test statistic, and your decision using a 0.05 significance level) for your data set:

    Does the data suggest that lower student faculty ratios result in higher graduation rates?
    And finally, run the appropriate prediction from below and clearly state your findings:
    What is the predicted graduation rate of a school if the student faculty ratio is 15?

    3. Conclusions - Briefly comment on the success of your model. Did you get the results you expected? What additional information might improve the model?

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