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    Most useful estimator for dependent variables

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    Most of these should be answered in 1?3 sentences.

    1. There are three uses for statistics. One of them is lying. What are the two legitimate fundamental uses for statistics.

    2. Why is the mean the most useful estimator for a set of dependent variables?

    3. What is the averaged Sum of Squares for a set of dependent variables?

    4. What does it mean to say that the result of an experiment is statistically significant.

    5. What happens to β when you increase ?

    6. What happens to Power when you increase ?

    7. What happens to Power when you increase β?

    8. Describe a common effect of increasing sample size. Are there exceptions to this rule?

    9. For any fixed level of a, what is the relationship between effect size and power?

    10. What conditions make a test "standardized?" What statistical procedure can be applied when working with results from standardized tests?

    11. I want to know if men or women have higher GPAs upon graduation from Central University. What statistical test do I use?

    12. If I give the statz final on the first day of class and then give it again at the end (just to see if the course made a difference), what is the appropriate statistical test?

    13. If I want to compare the average IQs of students from Manchester with students from Central with students from Bethel, what test do I use?

    14. Distinguish between a FACTOR and a LEVEL in an ANOVA. Use an example.

    15. What is a statistical interaction (as revealed in a factorial ANOVA)? Use an example. How many interactions are possible in a 3-way ANOVA? In a 4-way ANOVA?

    16. Why does SPSS provide an ANOVA table with a regression analysis?

    17. Why is regression analysis often called Least Squares Regression?

    18. Explain two uses for a χ 2 test.

    19. What do the value and the sign of a correlation coefficient tell us?

    20. Why is a confidence interval superior to classic hypothesis testing?

    21. Name a fruit, a vegetable, and your favorite color. No, apple, carrot, and blue are incorrect.

    22. Describe two methods for making statistical predictions. What is the difference between them?

    23. My Cramer's V is exactly equal to Ø (Phi). Describe my crosstabulation matrix for the χ2.

    24. Name two ways that the χ2 statistic differs from all other statistical tests you
    25. Name two phenomena that are guaranteed to be normally distributed---not approximately normal, but exactly, precisely normal.

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