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Business Math

Basic accounting concepts are summarized.

1.You have been nominated by your institution for a seminar because of your proficiency in basic accounting concepts. The participants and audience include college professors, practicing CPAs, and fellow students. The theme of the seminar is Basic Accounting Principles. You have been asked to share whether or not the statement "

break-even quantity

FLEXO markets shoes under its brand name. Recently it developed a new product.The investment in the product was $1.5 million. The company expected to depreciate the investments over the TEN-year-period. Annual depreciation is used as an element of fixed costs. The project overhead cost per year was $350,000. The labor cost was $

Using Excel Formulas and Functions to create a worksheet to track grades and GPA

I want to create a worksheet to track my grades and GPA. What formulas and/ or functions might I use? Explain why I chose the specific formula and/or function. These are some of my classes,and grades. Accounting for Non-Accounting Major-------D+ Marketing-------------C Academic Strategies for the Business Professional---

Wooden Toys

This solution explains how this should be done to capture the necessary information in the LP model.

Analyzing the impact of fluctuations in currency values

Analyze the following and report on your conclusions: a. At the current exchange rate of $1.40 per euro, a company sells 5 million bouters to the European Community (EC) at $100 per bouter. i. What will happen to this company's sales if the dollar appreciates by 15 percent? ii. What will happen to the company's sales i

Economy Market

Given an economy that is operating at less than the full employment level, analyze the effects of an increase in consumer confidence on the following markets. Start with an initial equilibrium in each market. 1. The market for goods and services and the relevant variables in the market. 2. The money market and the relevan

Operations Management and Productivity

Calculate the productivity C. A. Ratchet, the local auto mechanic, finds that it usually takes him 2 hours to diagnose and fix a typical problem. What is his daily productivity (assume an 8 hour day)? Mr. Ratchet believes he can purchase a small computer trouble-shooting device, which will allow him to find and fix a prob

A one million dollar simulation is examined.

Pretend that you have been given $1,000,000.00 to spend as you choose on physical items. You can only buy one of each thing. You must buy exactly 20 items. You donâ??t have to include tax and shipping. Spend exactly 1,000,000.00 to the penny. Include a picture and detailed description of each item and why you bought it.

Companies hire people with MBA degrees with high salaries

1. Why do companies hire people with MBA degrees with high salaries? 2. Would you please briefly suggest what are important math/statistics topics that you think to include in such courses? 3. Every manager can do simple math calculations (adding and subtracting numbers). So, managers can see what is the earning of the comp

Management Statistical Decision

1. What are the elements of a decision? How does statistical decision theory differ in conditions of certainty and uncertainty? When making a decision, can doing nothing be a valid alternative? Why? 2. What skills do managers need today? Are these skills different from management skills of 50 years ago? Why? 3. In manageme

Elementary math problems

1. Describe what category (Join, Separate, Part-Part Whole) the problem fits in and which sub-type (Result unknown, Change unknown, Start unknown, Part unknown, Whole unknown) it is. 2. Describe the strategy the student uses for each question. 3. Describe how Problem 6 differs from Problem 7, other than in the contexts a

Calculate EPS and effect of stock split on EPS

Please help with the following problem. During the year ended December 31,2009, Gluco, Inc., split its stock on a 3-for-1 basis. In its annual report for 2008, the firm reported net income of $3,703,920 for 2008, with an average 268,400 shares of common stock outstanding for that year. There was no preferred stock. Required

Business Research and Statistics

I really need help with these questions. 1. As a part of their customer-service program, United Airlines wanted to select 10 passengers from today's 9 A.M. Chicago-Tampa flight to be interviewed regarding airport facilities, service, and amenities in the waiting area. Each passenger was given a number on check in, starting

Direct/indirect costs

U4A1 Problem 1 All other problems are in sheet 2 and 3 Lam on the Run Corporation uses Activity Based Costing data for internal decisions. The company has the following four activity costs pools. Activity cost pool annual Activity

Activity cost pools

U4A1 Problem 2 You have given this information for ABC Corporation. What is the Activity Rate for the three Activity costs Pools? Activity Cost Pools total Costs Total Activity Activity Rate Producing Units


1. A new weight-watching company, Weight Reducers International, advertises that those who join will lose, on the average, 10 pounds the first two weeks with a standard deviation of 2.8 pounds A random sample of 50 people who joined the new weight reduction program revealed the mean loss to be 9 pounds. At the .05 level of signi

How to maximize advertising revenue

Island Publishing Company publishes two types of magazines on a monthly basis: a restaurant and entertainment guide and a real estate guide. The company distributes the magazines free to businesses, hotels, and stores on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. The company's profits come exclusively from the paid advertising in t

Accounting: Inventory management.

Please help with the following problem regarding inventory management. The Acme Grocery store started a Coupons Instantly program. It requires a debit card with a minimum of $300, so the customer can buy as many coupons as they want. As a promotional gimmick they are offering pens. The pens are given away to new coupon holde

Read the 'New York Times' case: Math Whiz vs Media Moguls

New York Times Cases in the News Read the "New York Times" case and answer questions. Textbook: Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior, 5/E 'The Math Whiz vs. the Media Moguls in a Battle for Millions' by Richard Siklos, April 3, 2006, p. C1, C5. Amid the flash of the Internet bubble, Henry C. Yuen, the ch

Venture Capital

Venture capital is increasingly becoming an important source of finance for small and start-up firms. Why do you think this is so? Would you recommend to your firm to engage in venture financing? Why or why not?

How do these terms apply to this example?

Suppose we look at real estate sales for an older neighborhood with similar houses. Suppose the prices range from $200k to $300k. In this case, the mean and median measures will be similar. Now suppose that a house burns down and catches the house next door on fire. Before long, someone builds a large house across the two empty


7. Sara Shouppe has invested $100,000 in an account at her local bank. The bank will pay her a constant amount each year for 6 years, starting one year from today, and the account's balance will be 0 at the end of the sixth year. If the bank has promised Ms. Shouppe a 10% return, how much will they have to pay him each year?

1)What is the objective of segregation of duties and what are two key aspects of it? Segregation of Duties (SOD) is used to heighten security within internal controls. SOD's main objective is to reduce malicious activity that may occur as a result of human error or in the event that someone tries to cover up a technological mishap that may occur as a result of hacking, etc. The focal point of SOD is to ensure that one person is not the only one who has access to internal controls. According to Gregory Spafford (2006) "an individual should not be able to perform a transaction and delete all the logs" (Spafford, 2006) or information pertaining to that transaction in an effort to erase his/her steps so the transaction cannot be traced. SOD places limitations on what organizations can do and is most frequently used in audits and/or security reviews. Reference Spafford, G. (2006) Segregate Duties to Lessen Security Risks. Retrieved February 22, 2011 from 2)What is control risk? Describe the steps involved in the process of assessing control risk. Control Risk is the probability that an organizations' internal control effectiveness could depreciate over a length of time. In essence, control risk is a mitigation technique that most organizations should employ in order to identify and rectify potential risk and work towards an alleviation or preventative strategy.

1)What is the objective of segregation of duties and what are two key aspects of it? Segregation of Duties (SOD) is used to heighten security within internal controls. SOD's main objective is to reduce malicious activity that may occur as a result of human error or in the event that someone tries to cover up a technological mi

Business Math: Statistical Problems

** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description ** Mathematical symbols only appear in the attached file. ---------------------------------------- Need answers to a. and b Let A and B be two events such that (please see the attached file) and (please see the attached file). (a) Determine (please se

Bonds Portfolios - Statistical Calculations

See the attachment. Assume a bond fund manager manages a portfolio of 50 high yield (speculative) bonds which are mostly rated B. Suppose, based on past experience, the probability of default of one of these bonds in the next year is approximately 11.9%. Suppose the default potential of each bond in this bond portfolio is a bin

Investment Returns Calculations

9-4) Stock Values: White Wedding Corporation will pay a $3.05 per share dividend next year. The company pledges to increase its dividend by 5.25 percent per year, indefinitely. If you require an 11 percent return on your investment, how much will you pay for the company's stock today? 10-23) Calculating Investment Returns: