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    Sample brand recall questionnaire using statistical software

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    Remembering an advertisement is great, but does the viewer connect that with the brand name? Recall is an important aspect of purchase intention.

    To measure how well a nationally branded product is doing with regard to consumer recall, you will complete a study of your choice.

    Select a Branded product (target product) that is not geared toward a specific gender market.

    1. State the Product & Brand
    2. Create a 3-question survey that includes:
    a. A gender question
    b. A recall question
    c. A Likert Scale Question on Recall
    3. Survey 5 Males & 5 Females
    4. Create a PowerPoint presentation with following slides:
    o Slide 1: Name of Product & its Target Gender; List of the Survey Questions & Choices
    o Slide 2: Descriptive Statistics for Gender: a Pie Chart & a Frequency Table (SPSS)
    o Slide 3: A Line or Bar Graph & Frequency Table of the Recall Question (SPSS)
    o Slide 4: A Descriptive of the Likert Scale Question by Gender (SPSS)
    o Slide 5: A Hypothesis Test that compares Recall by Gender (SPSS). Include the Null & Alternative Hypotheses and whether the Null is Rejected. (alpha =.05)

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    Operating System Software was the product used in this sample consumer brand recall questionnaire. ...

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    This is a sample questionnaire on product /brand recall. SPSS sample data entry, output, and statistical interpretation are provided in the attached files.