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Creating surveys and questionnaires

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How does a researcher know which questions should be included in a questionnaire?

Please explain and give examples.

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The main purpose of a questionnaire to collect certain types of data from a specific group of individuals. It needs to be in such a way that it does not seem forced.

Each question posted in the survey should have specific content and have a specific purpose. The main goal of the question to get the required information that you are looking for from the respondents. Some questions can be directly asked while others should not. Questionnaires should always start off with the researcher trying to build a rapport with the person taking the survey (i.e. - race,gender, ethnicity, age, etc.) and there should always be a choice built into those questions that gives the person taking the survey the option not to answer (choose not to answer) that way they don't feel pressured into answering anything they don't want to or don't feel comfortable answering.

This is particularly important if you are asking and surveying people about sensitive topics (I am a counselor and survey my students every year about ...

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