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    Data Collection Methods and Data Sources

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    1. Describe, in your own words, the differences between a data collection method and a data source. Provide an example of each.

    2. Provide an example of quantitative data that would be derived from survey questionnaires. Include the advantages and disadvantages of using questionnaires in your example.

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    Data collection methods are utilized when trying to obtain a large amount of information to be analyzed. These would include the use of internet surveys, traditional mail surveys, email surveys, and various other formats that allow a large amount of data to be collected in regards to the sample population being utilized for the research experiment. This allows for a larger sample population that leads to increase reliability and validity levels for the overall research experiment.

    A data source has two different meanings. The first of which is the use of electronic online databases as a way to administer large-scale surveys to reach the appropriate ...

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    Data collection methods are addressed along with the potential advantages and disadvantages associated with survey questionnaires.