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Global Warming: Data Collection and Analysis

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I need help with data collection (primary sources) on global warming. I need to be able to describe the methods I used to collect the primary data and then be able to analyze it.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Interesting research topic! Let's take a closer look through discussion and examples of how to complete each section. I also attached 2 primary sources located using the Internet method of data collection (see more detail below).


1. I need help with data collection (primary sources) on global warming. I need to be able to describe the methods I used to collect the primary data and then be able to analyze it.

Background Information

Do you understand the difference between primary and secondary sources? Let's go over that briefly by definition.

A Primary source is a document or record providing first-hand information or original data on a topic. They include original manuscripts, periodical articles, books, maps, photographs, sound recordings, etc. (1) For example, it is an account by an eyewitness of an event, such as diaries, letters, minutes of meetings, news footage, newspaper articles; data obtained through original research; creative works such as poetry, music, or art. (2) In other words, it is a record containing information recorded at or about the time of the event, as opposed to compiled or secondary information; primary sources are generally more reliable than secondary sources. (3) Conversely, a secondary source is materials or sources that contain information that has been cited, translated, or based upon another--primary or original source. (4)

You will also need to decide what type of data on global arming you are looking for. What is your research question? Is it descriptive (qualitative) or experimental (quantitative), for example? Or, are you only expected to record the number of primary sources you located and from where, and then put this information into chart form? If so, this is descriptive statistics, describing the ...

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This solution helps with data collection (primary sources) on global warming, as well as explains how to describe the methods used to collect the primary data and how to analyze it.

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