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    examples of Multinational corporations

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    I need to find some examples of Multinational corporations that have faced environmental problems on a foriegn country and taken measures to improve those problems. My assignment states to select a multinational corporation that has been successful in forming partnerships with workers and the host communities. I have searched but I cant find any good examples of multinational corporations improving thier environmental issues abroad.

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    Hi there,

    I have done some research and found some sources for you that I think will help you with your paper.

    A March 1999 report, the Council for Economic Priorities ranked Shell as the 10th most environmentally sound oil company, out of a field of 15 companies surveyed. The ranking was based on environmental impact (60% weight), environmental management systems (30% weight), and corporate environmental reporting (10% weight). Please note that the Council for Economic Priorities does not employ environmental scientists or engineers, and they only use statistical analysis in their ranking system, comparing data from the companies themselves on leaks, spills, emissions, etc. A more in-depth analysis is not reflected in CEP's ranking system.

    In December 1997 Shell announced its intention to invest $500 million in renewable energy technologies. The Sustainable Energy Program, a Shell grant-giving initiative to promote sustainable energy, has approved funding for 19 projects in more than 15 countries spread across four continents. The initiative - part of the Shell's social investment program - gives aid to projects that "reduce the environmental impact of continued fossil fuel use and increase the access of poor communities in developing countries to modern forms of energy" (Shell webiste).

    source: http://www.stanford.edu/group/SICD/Shell/shell.html

    in a March 1999 report, the Council for Economic Priorities ranked Exxon as the 2nd most environmentally sound oil company. Mobil was ranked 9th. There were 15 companies surveyed in total. The ranking was based on ...