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Discussing Multinational Corporations

Please answer the following questions:

- What is a multinational corporation?
- What are some of the constraints facing today's multinational corporations?
- Predict how joint ventures and international mergers might address some of those constraints.

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//As per the directions, we hereby, are elucidating about the exact meaning of the 'Multinational Corporations'. We know that they are the corporations which deliver their products and services at the global level, in a large number of countries. If you want, you can add more in the context, which you find more suitable. I am just giving a brief overview.//

Multinational Corporations:

Multinational Corporations are also known as transnational corporations. The multinational corporations are the corporations which deliver their products and services at the international level in a large number of countries. Some of the multinational corporations are McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Toyota Motors, etc. The essential nature of multinational corporations lies in the fact that the managerial headquarters are located in one country while the corporation carries out the operations in a large number of other countries as well. The impact of the multinational corporations works powerfully for both the local and global economy. The multinational corporations help the countries to maintain international and global relations (Multinational Corporations).

The multinational corporations have different configurations of their production facilities. On this basis, the MNC's are divided into three categories named Horizontally Integrated Multinational Corporations, Vertically Integrated Multinational Corporations and Diversified Multinational Corporations. The MNC's help in increasing the ...