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Multinational Business Organization

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Global organizations are required to adapt to various cultures in today's global marketplace. As such, organizational leaders should have a solid understanding of such differences and ethical issues when making decisions.

Using a large multinational business organization in the Middle East, discuss an ethical dilemma that has confronted, or could confront, the organization when functioning on a global level. Assess the impact that the organization's values have on ethical decision-making.

If you were a leader in that organization, how would you react to the various challenges that your organization could face? In this written assignment, be sure that you discuss ethical issues from both a local and global perspective.

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Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analysis. (APA references).

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//Along with many opportunities, globalization has posed many issues for the multinational corporations. Among many issues, the ethical issues related to the cultural diversity are very significant. The following discussion highlights the ethical issues, which should be taken into consideration in the process of strategy planning. //


The globalization has provided an opportunity for the companies to extend their business boundaries in order to explore new market areas and increase the profitability (Roy & Sideras, 2006). Due to the benefits offered by the globalization and liberalization of the trade, the companies have expanded their business in many host countries. However, different host countries have their independent governments and have their legal and social frameworks guiding the operations of the business. There is a vast difference between the culture of the home country and the host countries. The possibilities of conflicts on the ethical issues increase if the culture of the home country is widely different from the culture of host countries. Many times, multinational corporations have to face the dilemma because sometimes what is right and ethical in the home country is considered totally wrong in the host country. So, it is important for MNCs to follow accurately the rules and regulations of the country where its business operation is being carried out.

Ethical issues faced by Multinational Corporations

· The most common ethical issue is the issue related to the remuneration policy. The multinational companies having operations in different countries across the world have to deal with this issue fairly. It is unethical to pay different remunerations based on different localities for the same quantity and quality of work.

· Another critical issue is the difference in the remuneration based on the gender discrimination. In many countries, it has been found that male and ...

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