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Compare to leadership, strategic implementation, ethics

During the strategic implementation process, the success of a global firm depends largely on the abilities of its leadership. It is therefore important to think about the concept of leadership and its relationship to management.

In your Discussion Board, write a post that addresses the following:

-Compare and contrast leadership and management.
-Include examples of each concept as they relate to strategic implementation of a multinational corporation.
-Discuss some of the ethical challenges managers within a multinational corporation might face.

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Multinational Corporation:

The Strategic Implementation of a multinational Corporation requires strategic management to order the specific objectives, develop policies and formulate the plan that will achieve the set objectives. All this would be achieved when effective leadership and management has been places in the organization. Leadership is the process where an individual with the aid and support of others can guide them to accomplish the set tasks and objectives. The leadership that is given by the individual in the company should be relevant, in line with the values of the organization and strategically modified to suit the organization. Management on the other hand is the ordering and coordinating of the activities of an organization to be in line with the set policies, objectives and the set vision statement. The basic task of the management is to bring innovations and ...

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The expert compares to leadership, strategic implementations and ethics.