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Implementing Business Strategy Internationally

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Approaches to Global Strategy
Choose two international countries, one to serve as the base for your domestic organization (it cannot be in the United States), and the other as a target for expansion of the organization. You may use the Riordan Manufacturingâ?"Hangzhou, China, Operation as your domestic organization for this assignment.

Assist in writing a paper in which you do the following:

Identify the phases of the strategic management process.
Compare domestic and international approaches for each phase.
Summarize a global comparison between domestic and international approaches to strategic management.
Explain the role of ethics and responsibility in each phase.
Summarize the role of the entire strategic management process in global strategy.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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The solution discusses implementing business strategy internationally.

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Global Strategy: China and India

Strategic Management Process

As a result of Riordan Manufacturing's effective management practices, the company's Hangzhou, China's operations have rewarded the organization's owners with additional value. Sound management practices resulted to the manufacture and sale of high quality products. This allowed Riordan to enlarge its market share and has decided that that are opportunities for expansion in India. In other words, whether in China or India, Riordan Manufacturing must be "able to deliver the same benefits as competitors but at a lower cost (cost advantage), or deliver benefits that exceed those of competing products (differentiation advantage)" (Wang, Lin & Chu, 2011, p. 100). Here in lies the central thought in strategic management process regardless of where the company operates in.

To ensure that this expansion project result to additional value to the company's shareholders, Riordan's management has to go through the entire strategic management process for the proposed Indian operations. Moreover, ethics and corporate responsibility under the whole organization and in India specifically have to be taken into account in this process.

The different phases of the strategic management process include the following:

1. Formulation
2. Implementation
3. Evaluation and Control

The purpose of the strategic management process is to look at Riordan's competitive advantage specifically as regards it products' competitive placement in India which it plans to expand into, and formulate proper strategic plans for the company to take exploit this advantage. Admittedly, there are differences between ...

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