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    Point-Counterpoint Business Discussion

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    Please provide a few sentences for each questions and also references:

    - "Is Off-shoring a Good Strategy?"
    - "Does International Business Lead to Cultural Imperialism?"
    - "Proactive Political Risk Management: The Best Approach"
    - "Growth: Positive and Productive"
    - "Are Top Managers Responsible When Corruption Is Afoot?"

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    • "Is Off-shoring a Good Strategy?"
    Offshoring can be a good or bad strategy, based on the purpose of management in choosing to do so. Offshoring means the relocation of a company's business, for example manufacturing, in another country in order to take advantage of cheaper labor costs. According to Paul Spiegelman (2009), about 75% of total costs arise from labor. Thus, potential labor cost savings is a very strong motivational factor to offshore. However, if the company did not study the quality of labor in the country they are relocating to and take this factor into consideration rather than just the potential cost ...

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    This solution provides a discussion on various factors impacting businesses, such as off-shoring, growth, political risk management, international business and the potential for cultural imperialism, and the accountability of top managers when the business has corrupt practices.