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    Reasons annual objectives are essential strategy implementation

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    1) List and discuss four major reasons annual objectives are essential for strategy implementation.
    2) Discuss how work life/home life balance is being addressed by organizations.
    3) Describe the considerations of EPS/EBIT analysis in the context of strategic implementation.
    4) Explain how to perform a projected financial analysis. Identify at least one problem that may result from an incorrect projection.
    5) What are the most commonly used quantitative criteria to evaluate strategies? Give several examples of these criteria.
    6) Identify some characteristics of an effective evaluation system.
    7) Describe how organizations can create an ethics culture. Provide an example of a company with a positive ethical culture.
    8) Discuss how Japan is dealing with problems associated with an aging and shrinking workforce. Would any of the Japanese techniques work outside of Japan?

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    1) List and discuss four major reasons annual objectives are essential for strategy implementation.

    When engaging in strategy implementation, the business must ensure that several important objectives are accomplished, which begins with ensuring that annual objectives are achieved. The use of decentralization within the organization wherein all management actively participates toward implementing the strategy that has been established will be essential for successful strategy implementation. In any organization, the necessity to engage in strategic management is imperative as it will allow for the organization to establish the blueprint for how managers, employees, and other stakeholders will achieve organizational goals. Annual objectives are placated upon the allocation of resources, which is one of the reasons why they are essential for strategy implementation because any successful implementation relies on resources being allocated to the appropriate departments.

    Annual objectives also enable the organization to evaluate the performance of managers, which is essential for ensuring that management is achieving the goals and objectives set forth by the strategy. Without effective evaluation techniques, managers who are failing to succeed will continue to engage in negative practices that inhibit the strategy from being successfully implemented. Annual objectives assist the organization in ensuring that long-term success occurs as the organization is able to monitor the implementation and how it is progressing over a long-term basis. The different departments and divisions throughout the organization are able to ascribe to the allotted objectives and strive towards a common goal with annual objectives.

    2) Discuss how work life/home life balance is being addressed by organizations.

    Successful organizations have begun to recognize the importance of allowing employees to balance their home and work life as many employees suffer from job dissatisfaction as the stress from work impacts their home life or vice versa. Therefore, the organization must provide employees with the necessary assistance, incentives, and counseling to allow for a healthy work/life balance. Successful organizations provide employees with the necessary information and opportunities to incorporate a satisfactory balance toward their career. If the employee is having stressful problems at home that impacts their performance at work, counseling services are provided and an opportunity is given to allow the employee the ability to take a few days off to get their affairs ...

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