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    Decisions in Paradise, Kava: Factors for Implementation, Resource Evaluation, and Ethical Matters

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    //Before scripting about taking the decision of opening a call center in Kava, you should provide a short description about Kava Island. Then, you should move forward with writing rationale and plan for the proposed plan, and further, analyze the factors, which can affect this decision. I am providing you an overview of guidelines, which will help you to complete it. //

    Decision in Paradise:
    Kava Island is facing many problems due to the frequent occurrence of natural disasters such as floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, typhoons and earthquakes. More than 50 percent of total populations are under the age of 15. The economy is dependent upon coffee, spices, sugar and petroleum, cocoa. There is also abundant supply of labor, fishing, natural gas, which significantly contributes to the national income. Kava's population has ethnic mix of French, Spanish, African, indigenous South Pacific tribes. Huge number of Americans came into the country after the World War II. Local people speak different languages which sometimes creates problems. The main religions followed in the country are Islamic, Buddhist and Christian (Business Scenario).

    The country also has various advantages. One of the significant benefits is availability of cheap and quality labor. Secondly, there is good supply of petroleum and natural gas. Island needs a strong business which can boost the economy and lead to its overall growth. The island has huge potential and various economic factors are favorable (Business Scenario).
    Rationale and Plan for Implementation of Proposed Plan

    The company is planning to expand its business and establish its business operations in South Pacific island of Kava. Company is considering upon two alternatives, developing a cable facility or building a call center. The option of building a call center is more profitable and attractive. Cable plant is unattractive due to limited growth opportunities in it. The decisions are taken after a careful analysis of external and internal factors. The main purpose behind expansion in Kava Island is to promote and support the economy. It will encourage the local people and will result in higher productivity.
    The company believes that local people will be of great support and in return they will be benefited by the employment opportunities and infrastructural facilities provided by the company. The island suffers from many problems such as occurrence of natural calamities, diverse culture and different languages. Moreover, about 50 percent of population is under age. But there is major advantage of strong support from the Government. Other local organizations are also highly interested in the new project and have agreed to provide the assistance (Business Scenario).

    //As we have discussed some points about Kava and rationale and plan for the implementation; we will be having an idea about the factors, which can affect the implementation of decision. //

    Factors affecting Decision Implementation:
    The company should undertake disaster management to establish business in Kava Island. It is very essential, as the island is shattered due to the occurrence of natural calamities. The region requires complete rehabilitation and human resources ...