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    Decisions in Paradise

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    //Standardized process of 'Decision Making' can not be applied every where. Similarly, changes are required in the decision making process, which are suitable for making a greater presence in Kava. So, I am focusing on the suitable techniques that can be used for Kava.//

    Decision Making


    The paper describes the decision making technique that is suitable for making a greater presence in Kava. Kava is an island in the South Pacific, which is a land of disasters and also with a varied culture. It has a variety of language and religions and has an economy based on the products like petroleum, natural gas, spices, coffee, fishing, tourism etc. The island is also prone to natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes etc. The company of Nik wants to establish its presence in Kava as the Government wants them to do so due to three important reasons. First is due to the efficiently organized structure of the company, second is that the goods and services from Kava have a great affect on the company and third is that the economy of Kava can be beneficial for the company.

    Decision Making Technique

    The decision making technique that will be used for Kava will be the Cost-Benefit Analysis technique. It is an informal technique that is used to assess and evaluate a project. In this technique, decision is taken after weighing the total expected cost against the total expected benefit of the project. The present values of the cost and benefits from the project ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 836 words with references.