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Paradise Lost: Political Goals

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John Milton claimed that the purpose of writing Paradise Lost was to justify the ways of God to men. Please elaborate on Milton's experiences and how they shaped his political goals for his epic?

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This solution discusses Milton's political goals in relationship to Paradise Lost.

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Paradise lost, by John Milton, was written in 1667 and in my opinion, one of the greatest literary works ever published. His experiences throughout his life as a republican and a radical influenced the epic as well as his desire to be remembered as one of England's most famous poets. Let us briefly look at Milton's political past and then discuss how it influenced the writing of Paradise Lost.

In the 1640's there was a civil war in England against the Royalists (the people who supported King Charles I) and the Parliamentarians (the people who supported Parliament). Parliament at the time was displeased with the way that the king was ruling England and wanted more of a role in running the government. John Milton had strong political views and quickly sided with Parliament. He took it upon himself to ...

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