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    Paradise Lost

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    This posting discusses the importance of the setting within this tale. How would the tale be different if the setting were changed?

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    As you brainstorm ideas regarding this classic epic, please discuss the importance of the multiple settings within this epic piece. Because the settings tend to fluctuate between Hell, Heaven, and Earth, you might mention how these settings strongly reinforce the pervasive theme of God's presence and power over Man. Please also note how the story initially begins in Hell after Satan and his followers have lost a war against God. Again, Satan then flies to the sun and fools Uriel, the angel; thus, Satan gains access to the setting of The Garden of Eden.

    As you brainstorm ideas about a change in setting and offer an example, I give you a contemporary one to model. For example, if this setting were changed to 2008, such as the backdrop of the Iraq War in Basra, the themes would definitely alter because of the different religious connotations and political implications. The language would also differ, and the tone would change, too.

    As you go back to the setting of the piece, please further note that Satan also returns to Earth and ...

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